Reservation & Cancellation Policy

The reservation policy for bookings made through BoHapus web portal is governed by the requirements of the respective hotels hosted on BoHapus portal. The types of reservations typically are as below:

Full prepayment: this involves payment of the full hotel tariff upfront at the time of booking, excluding any government taxes

Part prepayment: this involves payment of part of the amount of hotel tariff upfront at the time of booking, excluding any government taxes

Guarantee: under this type of reservation, the guest confirms a reservation through credit card guarantee but the payment is only effected upon check in at the hotel

Cancellation of a hotel booking depends on terms and conditions associated with every booking and is deponent on a number of factors.

Non refundable: This is the most stringent of the cancellation conditions and entails no refund of any fee paid in advance. This type of booking could be either based on full prepayment or part advance payment.

Cancellation by a particular date: These types of bookings are based on permissible cancellation by a certain date prior to check-in date and could either involve a free cancellation or cancellation for a fee.

One-night penalty: This type of booking allows for cancellation of a booking however based on a one-night charge, regardless of the fact the booking is only for one room night or more.

The cancellation policy is determined by the booking conditions associated with particular hotel on which the booking is made, and there is no cancellation fees levied by BoHapus separately.